CHICAGO, Illinois, 8th July 2019 (News Source) – Consumers who love premium activewear are quickly switching over a new and affordable premium activewear brand called D2 Wear. With carefully crafted skin-friendly sportswear, D2 Wear is creating waves in the premium activewear segment with its online, retail and pop up presence and is giving brands such as Lululemon, Outdoor Voice, NB and Under Armour, a run for their money. 

D2 Wear, is one of the few activewear manufacturer making sure that the premium activewear segment is affordable and is of impeccable quality. Standing true to its words, D2 is offering up to 30% off on its exclusive range of activewear including products such as leggings, Capri, sports bra, tank top, joggers and shoes.

Most of the money-driven self-proclaimed luxury brands in the market offer pilling, chaffing, static, snagging and quality compromised products,” explains Vino Stanly, founder of D2 Wear. He added, “With D2 Wear, it’s not just about sports, fitness or workouts alone. The advanced technological blend of fabrics and design make our products viable for casual as well as recreational wear. What makes our products stand apart is the fact that we create them in small volumes with a great attention to detail and emphasis on supreme quality.” 

D2 Wear began its journey back in 2018 and since then, the brand hasn’t looked back. Driven with the belief of serving and improving the world around us, 10% of the purchase proceedings go towards helping and supporting children, students, homeless and needy seniors and bring about a positive change in their lives.

Mr. Stanly, shared some details about the brands community outreach saying, “We are supporting 15 children who were abandoned by parents. We clothe, feed and educate them. We provide all their school supplies. In the coming year, we want to extend our boundary to bring 100 abandoned children and do the same.” He seems quite driven in his approach. If you want to become a part of the D2 Wear Family, check out their affordable premium activewear collection at

About D2 Wear:

A Chicago-based premium activewear company makes premium athlete clothing available at an affordable price. With its innovative design and state-of-art technology, it offers best-in class activewear with an exceptional fabric quality made from high-quality yarn and needle knitting machines.


Vino Stanly
CEO, D2 Wear

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