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Having begun its journey back in December 2017, D2 Wear has quickly gained enormous ground in the premium activewear segment valued at around US$ 86.8 billion. Driven by the spirit of providing quality products to its customers, D2 Wear is ruffling feathers of premium activewear brands and is giving them a run for their money.


D2 Wear’s relentless enthusiasm coupled with its innovative approach has disrupted the sportswear segment. Within a year of its formation, the Chicago-based activewear company is outdoing its expectations, with its customer base suggesting that the quality of the products surpasses that of its competitors in the premium activewear range. Not only is the brand available online but is well connected with retailers and frequently does popups around Chicago. You can find a popup in the Northbrook Court in Chicago, Illinois.


As the newest and most innovative activewear manufacturer and online distributor, D2 Wear is standing firm on people’s expectations regarding the quality that should be delivered from a premium brand. Not only is it matching this but is surpassing them by providing them best-in-market quality at an affordable price.


Most of the money-driven self-proclaimed luxury brands in the market offer pilling, chaffing, static, snagging and quality compromised products. People under the bandwagon effect, follow and purchase these sub-par quality products and give-up on the brand after realizing that it wasn’t worth the money. On the other hand, D2 Wear is offering the most skin-friendly products in the market, keeping technology, design, and performance in mind. 


With D2 Wear, it’s not just about sports, fitness or workouts alone. The advanced technological blend of fabrics and design make their products viable for casual as well as recreational wear. What makes these products stand apart is the usage of high-quality yarn, high-count needle knitting machines and composition. Moreover, these products are created in smaller volumes to offer exclusivity with emphasis on supreme quality.


What sets D2 Wear’s apart is that it realizes a customer’s desires and knows what they expect from a luxury brand. For this reason, the brand rolls out limited stock with exceptional quality on offer. It’s their innovative approach that is giving established brands such as Lululemon, Outdoor Voice, NB and Under Armour, a run for their money.


As of today, D2 Wear offers a wide range of products such as leggings, Capris, sports bras, tanktops and joggers. However, with its loyal customer base growing and its desire to extend its community outreach, the brand is working hard to improve the volume whilst keeping the quality in check.



  • Quality 
  • Affordability 
  • Community Outreach

D2 Wear is synonymous with both quality and affordability, whilst being driven by a community outreach focus

D2 i.e. Dare To is more than a brand, it’s a movement.

  • A movement to accept nothing less than what you deserve for the price you pay.
  • A movement to empower our fashion
  • A movement to accept that not everybody is privileged and while we’re enjoying the luxuries of life, someone’s out there, struggling to make the ends meet.

By switching to D2 Wear, you become a part of the family which together with your compassion, kindness, and input believes in improving the lives of underprivileged kids throughout the world.

With every purchase you make, 10% of that amount goes towards helping and supporting children, students, homeless and needy seniors and bring about a positive change in their lives.


Furthermore, D2 Wear understands the unique struggles of talented yet disenfranchised young athletes. For this reason, they’ve set aside a portion of their annual profits to support the unique struggles of talented yet disenfranchised young athletes. With this contribution, they’re able to help amateur athletes realize their dreams of becoming a professional athlete. With their efforts, they are able to empower the young athletes by helping them to overcome such setbacks as financial support and poor training and nutrition, the D2 Wear team strives to change the odds in favor of these aspiring athletes.

Vino Stanly, CEO, D2 Wear


Speaking about its community outreach, Vino Stanly, founder, and CEO of D2 Wear said, “D2 started after I saw a 4-year old girl in just underwear with a newborn hung from her dirty clot around the shoulder, while she was begging on the streets. After witnessing this on my trip to India, it created a sense of urgency in me. It made me realize how much difference a person can make if we just dare to reach out.”.

He added, “Everyone says, ‘Someone will help them’. But who? Shouldn’t we take responsibility? Shouldn’t we try to be the someone? Regardless of what we think of our success, till the time, we have such saddening stories around us, there will always be a need for us to do more. Right now, we are supporting 15 children who were abandoned by their parents. We help clothe, feed and educate them. We provide all their school supplies. In the coming year, we want to extend our boundary to 100 abandoned children and do the same.”


Together, we can dare – to dream, to achieve, to repeat and to change not the lives of those around us. Together we can bring this revolution. Join the D2 Wear family and get started, dare to contribute towards the social upliftment. With every purchase you make, you will help support the poor children who are looking to D2 for their daily survival.

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