Our Story

D2 was founded by Vino Stanly with a vision of providing for the poor and needy. To ensure that the earnings & profits of this company would go mainly to clothe and feed the poor. D2 started in December of 2017, when Vino and his wife took a trip to India.


We saw a little girl wearing nothing but underwear, carrying a newborn baby hung from a dirty piece of cloth from her shoulders. She was begging in the hot 92 degree hot summer afternoon.  Looking at this was very disturbing and saddened our hearts. After some questions about her situation, the girl had no father and her mom was sick. Being concerned  we tried to intervene with resources possibly available.


Fearing that if they continued to stay in  this hot sun, it would kill the baby and  they would die without food. Immediately, someone other than the mother, took the kids and left from our sight. That day is a day we will never forget. The sight of this little girl begging while carrying a newborn baby, both with a scrap of dirty clothing on is and will forever be etched in our minds.


As we had extensive conversations with many people about what our experience, and how to help poor kids and families. We heard them say “ oh someone will help them, someone will do it”. But who? We all are the someone’s.

Helping the poor and needy has always been part of mine and my wife’s future plan, but we never knew when or how we would do it.  In our hearts, we really feel that God brought these helpless little children in front of our eyes for a purpose. Obviously we cannot help everyone, but at least if we can make a dent in being a helping hand to these children and others like them and make some impact. We Dare 2.


Since having experience in the fashion & design industry and a fitness enthusiast, I decided to start a company that sells different types of athletic wear for both men and women with new and unique designs. Quality is important to me. I searched the world for the best material. We then created our own superior quality material.


Thus, D2 (Dare 2) was formed for the purpose of  being able to give back. Giving a percentage of the proceeds from every sale to the community to feed, clothe, and help find a safe and secure shelter for the kids. In addition, in the near future our plan is to help parents who are still searching for their children, and to help young talented children to become professional athletes. Dare 2 Dream, Achieve, Repeat Everyday!


We appreciate your support in joining hands with D2, and  being a helping hand to those in need.