D2 was founded with the mission to provide basic human rights to neglected children in abject poverty with food, poverty with food, clean water, clothes, shelter and education. With proceeds from every purchase made from D2 products.

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D2 is currently partnering with the Peace Makers Tabernacle to provide child welfare and education for children at an orphanage home in Orissa, India. Although these children have shelter, they have no means of obtaining an education.With this partnership, D2 is able to help with daily food, school expenses and tuition fees for these children. This includes their school uniforms, books, and other required school supplies.

There are more children in abject poverty needing help. As D2 grows we will be providing more help to more children. These girls & boys have no control of the many situations that create their daily struggle.


We are using the power of business to, Join Hands Together, taking a stand at fighting to alleviate abject poverty for children.

D2 gives with each purchase of D2 products. Your purchase matters! With you, our customer, we are making an impactful difference& positive change. Giving them hope for a future & easing their daily struggle for survival.

Without help, these children will never get an education and have hope for their future. Resulting with no means to support them, become unemployed, put into human trafficking situations in sex trade, slave labor or begging on the street. Our commitment is 365 days a year.


Give Me Your Hand & I Will Stand

Every purchase of D2 products makes you a significant person in a child’s life, by extending your hand to a child who is desperately in need.

Our hope through helping is to inspire the girls & boys to see a brighter future and become resourceful educated adults who giving back.

Our customers are a part of our mission supporting and giving to the children in need.