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About D2

Athletes wears for optimum performance

As athletes and fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we’ve felt the sting of being limited by our fitness wear. Chafing and binding, many so-called athletic wear options just don’t offer the freedom of unfettered movement that athletes of all types require for optimum performance.

Often leaving athletes thinking less about their individual performance, and all too often, and more about adjusting their clothing into less cumbersome positions, average activewear pieces have traditionally left much to be desired.

As the newest and most innovative activewear manufacturer and distributor online, our focus is extremely and unerringly aimed at high quality. Taking the needs, wants and desires of the professional athlete and individual fitness enthusiast in mind, we diligently researched the field of biomechanics to create a line of performance wear that exceeds the norm. Our advanced technological blend of fabrics and designs has created, what we believe to be, the most skin-friendly products on the market, enhancing your personal sports performance.

Our Mission

Driven by a commitment to help those communities that have stood behind the growth of our organization, we have always held as a goal to give back whenever and however we can. Donating 10 percent of all company profits, we strive to support communities through efforts that support at-risk children, students, the homeless and needy seniors.

Furthermore, understanding the unique struggles of talented yet disenfranchised young athletes, we set aside a portion of our annual profits to help amateur athletes achieve their dream of becoming professionals in their sport. Helping them overcome such setbacks as financial support and poor training and nutrition, the D2 team strives to change the odds in favor of these aspiring athletes.

D2 Wear

Find out more about what makes D2 different from any fitness wear company you’ve known before by browsing our inventory or contacting us with any questions, comments or concerns you may have. Focusing on always becoming better than we were yesterday, we would love to hear just how we can serve you better.
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